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Germany Heroes of the Storm
New HotS Main Team with a direct hit into history

We are happy to announce that we have a new Heroes of the Storm Main Team.
Our long term member Germany David 'kupsch' S. did start to build up a new line up
for our Heroes of the Storm Main Team after a break. We highly appreciate this work.

Welcome new Heroes of the Storm Main Team and thanks to Germany David 'kupsch' S.

Netherlands Benjamin 'Benji' S.
France Arnaud 'Durandir' M.
Germany David 'kupsch' S.
Germany Konstantin 'Born' M.
France Jérémy 'zebul' T.

This wasn't enough for our new main team. They just dived into an adventure.
Signed up for the Halloween Heroes tournament, fought to the 2nd place.
We would like to tell you more about this event, but our team played trick or treating
with the enemies. Most of them did choice the threat. So I don't have any interview
partners left from the enemies.

Very nice work. We all know that I will write more of phrases like these in the future.


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